Recently I stopped anchoring my hand onto the bridge because I realised that it creates lots of tension in the picking arm.

Now whenever I don't need to palm mute, I just hover my hand above the strings and use my wrist to pick but I still get quite a bit of tension. Does anyone have pictures or tips in where I should place my arm? I'm not sure if I should be resting my arm on the body of the guitar or whatever.

This problem just gets worse whenever I'm palm muting or trying to do a gallop/triplet (whatever it's called).

Any ideas?
I Have the exact same problem, I finally Kicked the anchor habit because it is bad but now my arm stays so tense it literally hurts for a few hours after playing, the muscles and joints feel like I was beating off for 12 hours straight or something....sorry no tips for how to fix this though
Here you go.


It says fast picking, but really it applies to any speed as you want your technique to be the same fast and slow preferably.