Inspired mostly by this picture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bnxdluIryU


Someday we'll be bold
Someday we'll be great
Someday we'll be durable
A malleable, sustainable puppy
capped in grey and black.
Holding our joints to doors
or windows
or others.
By the skin of one's teeth.
Fractures could pass around
like mosquitos swatted
with your fingers.
Wings tugged and
glued to a bride somewhere.
Someday we'll have days or drugs,
crying mayday at first-sight of
jewels to paint.
Safe in a cage, today.
No, we're dead.
I like it, I like the idea and I like the imagery. I think it would be cool over a low groove in the style of the doors. Something like the end or celebration of the lizard. My only real crit would be that it seems very coded, it's not very clear and so there will be dozens of different interpretations. That may be what your aiming for but it also means you will have dozens of mis-interpretations as well.

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