I have never touched a seven string so standard tuning is beadgbe, how many steps down is that on a six string? Also can you tune to drop b if so would you half to tune up?
B standard on a 7 string is the exact same tuning or e standard on a 6 string, with the low B
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The top six strings are a six string guitar, but there's a lower string that is tuned to B.
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B standard on a 6 is B-E-A-D-G♭-B and thats 2 and a half steps down from E standard . But its a G♭and not a G.To play drop B on a 7 you would have to tune the other 6 strings up one step.That would be an odd thing to do though..
Depends on how thick they are. Tuning UP strings is always going to be a risk, but most are normally strung with thin enough strings from the factory. I wouldn't advise it in most cases, as when you get a new guitar, the strings will have probably been on the instrument for ages and become worn down or dirty, especially if it's something you bought from an actual store front.