I've been a measly metal player for most of my time on the guitar, and I'm trying to develop a wider array of chops.

One of the style that really captivates me is the sort of jazzy, one-man-band type thing where a guy is playing an like eleven string guitar or something crazy like that, and he's playing multiple musical part with both hands. Like this:


I mean, I don't necessarily need a 12 string or anything, but this style really interests me. Does it have a name, or can anyone point me in the right direction to develop appropriate chops for this style?
that's a bass

and listen to some tosin abasi. he's not jazz by any means, but the influence is obvious
modes are a social construct
I'm aware of Tosin. Lovely player. Anything else along those lines?

But that guy was playing a guitar, wasn't he? Certainly, that first string was too much, but...
Your question is a little confusing because you gave as an example something that involves a non-normal instrument. If you're curious about the more general practise of playing multiple parts at once, this is done on regular guitars too. It looks like the closest thing to what you're talking about on a normal guitar would be what someone like Stanley Jordan does, which is a specific two-handed tapping style. But even that is distinct from the general practise of playing multiple parts at once, which can be done without a two-handed tapping style.

It's unclear what you want, other than perhaps to get into a Stanley Jordan-esc approach to guitar.
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That's definitely helpful, I'll check that out. The videos I've just watched are of Jordan playing multiple parts on two different guitars--which is close to what I want. Instead, I'm looking to be able to play multiple parts on the same guitar. Perhaps low rhythm lines/chords and leads all on the same instrument, things like that. Kinda like the way pianists play. This is still a big help, though. Thanks!

To clear up the confusion a bit, I don't really need a twelve like the video I provided shows. And instrument like that seems to open up more musical ideas. But Ideally, I'd like to put that technique into practice on a normal six, maybe seven or eight.
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