Buying mesa 2x12 or 4x12 v30 cab.

Which head is better? Apt playing, thrash metal only, i dont want a muddy or fuzzy sound, i want crunch, tight but thumping bass, and able to scoop my mids, which amp should i spend my grand on? I love mesas recto sound but ive heard alot i should get the EVH? Halp!!
The EVH is higher wattage, which means a bigger transformer, more headroom, and an overall bigger sound.

Personally, I run a 50w amp in my apartment and it's fine. It really depends on the place you're at, though. Some apartments have such bad sound proofing that you'll be able to hear your neighbor take a piss, and if that's the case then you'll have to run the amp quietly, not that that would really make a difference between the Mesa or the EVH. Lower wattage amps aren't much quieter than higher wattage ones.

I'd go for the EVH unless you really want power tube distortion, which isn't exactly a 'thrash' sound anyway.
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