I can tell that my sound is starting to get repetative and i was wondering what i good scale to learn to freshen things up would be.
Something good for metal.
Listen to jazz and other genres. try different outside sounding phrases using timing and add some accidentals. you dont need a scale to freshen things up just add some twists to your already existing style.
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Learning a new scale isn't necessarily going to to help you with this problem. Which scale is not so important, it's how you use the notes. Try not to approach theory in 'learn a bunch of scales' way, but try have a general understanding of how and why everything sounds the way it does and how it relates to the overall harmony. That will unlock more doors than memorizing any number of scales ever could.
Also, try listening (and learning to play) to some different music than what you normally do and hopefully you might get a few ideas. Oh and analyse it to work out what makes it sound the way it does and what you like about it etc.
Slow down. Use the notes you already have and exploit each one. You can learn ten different scales, but if you play them with the same dynamics and just run through them, they'll all sound the same. But if you slow down and exploit the notes of just the minor scale... you'll sound far different. Explore different intervals, for example. Linger on some notes or note groups.
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Stop playing and start listening.

You sound stale because you're not thinking about what you're doing or listening to yourself or the backing. The more you actually think about what you're doing and the sound you want to achieve the more fresh your ideas will be, you'll likely find that you force yourself to come up with new licks to suit situations that you weren't thinking about enough before.
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Learn some non metal songs. Go sit down and learn some jazz, blues, bluegrass, prog, classical or folk songs. Staleness in playing comes from doing the same thing over again. Transposing the same licks and riffs into a different scale isn't going to make it sound fresh. Learning different styles expands your playing a ton and keeps you from getting stuck in a rut IMO.
i would highly suggest spending a lot of time with a metronome.

on the first of December i committed my self to spend one hour (literally use a timer), to playing with a metronome until the end of the month.

being that December is pretty much done, I have seen MAJOR progress.

also i have played for around 9-10 years, and I still saw progress, and i have a pretty solid ground.

i have been preparing for January when i will be doing the one hour per day again on timer to clean up my picking a bit. so i will work on everything from speed to complex rhythms, as well as a lot of string skipping and what ever i feel the need to improve on.
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