Well my other usb interface broke my other laptop. I kept getting a blue screen and then stupidly I kept restarting the laptop until it stopped working.

I don't know why I kept getting a blue screen. My driver was up to date and I had a 3 year old laptop with XP operating system. Anyway it was a decent laptop but the GX was causing it to shut down.

It might have been a faulty GX but I don't think I want to buy a GX anymore. It was good with no latency at all, at least to me. Anyway, what's a good usb interface nowaday?
Line 6 wouldn't cause a blue screen.

But it wouldn't surprise me
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Every time I unplugged the line 6, it caused a BSOD. I really do love the interface. It is just too bad that it broke my old laptop.

Also, I plugged in the same interface on my new laptop. It did the same thing again when I unplugged it!
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