Right now I'm planning to buy a ltd h-1001 with a floyd rose. But there's one thing that bothered me. I'm a guy who always change tunings do I need to setup the Floyd rose everytime I change tunings even though it's just for 5 mins? But I do know that I have to unscrew the locking nut to change tunings
if you change tunings a lot the FR will be of no use to you. you would have to set it up in standard, then block it. temol-nos are great. you can then tune down and put the tremolno in dive only mode. it will still function, but you can only press the bar down/lower the pitch. you will not be able to pull up.
i recommend getting a strat-style bridge if you really want to whammy and some good locking tuners
actually u've gotto change more than that...everytime u change the tuning u've gotto adjust the trem springs so that the guitars tuning doesnt change while playing or its intonation is not off.better u use a fixed bridge for that...but if u are extremely desperate, i think you can search youtube for methods to jam your trem momentarily and change the tuning.......however that will give extremely bad results sonically
Just buy a Tremel-no. It let's you switch between a fixed (normal) bridge, a floating bridge, or a traditional whammy bar setting (where you can push down but not up.) It's fantastic.
Buddy, if you have a floyd, I can guarantee you will NOT be changing tunings for five minutes and then putting it back. To re-tune a floyd rose, you need to unlock the nut, downtune the strings (MULTIPLE TIMES) then adjust the spring tension in the guitar's cavity to compensate for the reduced string tension. THEN you need to adjust your intonation after you go through the headache of retuning, spring adjustment and possibly a truss rod adjustment as well, and after all that you can re-lock the nut. Save yourself the trouble of installing a trem block and just buy a guitar without a floyd rose.
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wow thanks for the replies guys! i can't believe a floyd rose can be such a pain in the ass even changing string takes longer with them. but even though i listen to some metal the songs i listen to doesn't have much tremolo usage.

Thanks alot!
I have a Tremolo-No on one of my guitars, and a block of wood that fixes the bridge on my other guitar with Floyd. Both work well.

I don't even tighten down the locknut on either guitar. I still love having the fine tuners, and string height adjustment is a breeze.

Changing tuning is easy, as long as I'm not doing silly crap like E standard to Drop B. I play either guitar routinely in E std, D# std, drop D, and Drop C# without having to redo intonation or truss rod.

Although I will have to say I DID have to mess with my truss rod on one guitar after stringing my guitar with a set of light-heavy strings and playing in E std. I won't do that again. I just use regular 10's now.