Hey guys, I need some ideas for pickups for my Highway 1 P bass. After spending a fair bit of time with it I've decided that it's too trebely and not really "round" enough so anyone who recommends a Quarter Pounder is getting a smack on the nose.
Before it's asked; yes, I've played extensively with both fingers and pick. No, I'm not putting flats on it and I'm using it through my Mesa Big Block 750 and Ashdown Little Bastard amps with an Ampeg 610 and Ashdown 115 respectively.
I'm not a P bass guy really, but I know the attack of it is way too harsh and not what I want a P to sound like. I really like Charlotte Cooper's tone on the latest Subways album which makes me think Hanson, but I had (what I think was) a Neo-Punch in my old Lakland Glaub and I wasn't overly fond of it. I dunno Any help is greatly appreciated.
You can either get a DiMarzio Split P for it's scooped mids, extended highs and lows.


If you want to go active EMG PAX since it's rounder than the PX.
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I might also be looking to change the pup out on my P. Keeping an eye on this thread.
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I'm looking for one next too, I think. Just bought a new loaded neck and controls for the teal body I bought a few weeks ago. Pickups, pots, screws, strings and bridge still to go.
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Round sound says Bartolini to me.
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If you want a rounder, warmer sound, you ideally probably want something with a more vintage feel to it, rather than a hi-fi/modern pickup.

If you could deal with ordering from the UK, Wizard make some wonderful vintage style pick-ups for a great price.
I'm not a fan of super modern tones... but i think some 'oomph' gets lost on a lot of the Vintage pickups.

So, i needed something i could easily find (i.e.-at the guitar center), but i wanted something that had a modern-meets-vintage tone. So i ended up with a Dimarzio Model P.

It had some good vintage warmth, but it had a better output than the Fender Vintage pup i had.

Here's an Ed Friedland review of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6XQN0QLzNY

FYI: i also wanted a black pickguard at the time, so the pre-wired aspect was a big selling point for me. I just lucked out with it actually sounding good to me.
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I tried a set of these and loved them. Great bottom end, a little hotter than a vintage P-bass pup but just roll off the tone a little and they're great. Cheaper than the Dimarzios I have in another bass and sound just about as good if not better.


A lot of you sound is still coming from the bass itself and the strings you use. One of my basses was a little harsh so I put a set of coated DR strings and it helped.
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If you can find some, I know Bareknuckle do some amazing P bass pickups.


They sound fantastic.
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