Hey guys,

My name is Chris, Ive been playing guitar for quite a while now and I've used UG extensively over the years, I've also used several other tab sites and youtube to learn.

I feel that its now my turn to give back to the tab community so I've decided to start doing my own tabs, but instead of just doing a notepad document I've decided to do guitar tutorials on youtube as I have always wanted to start a channel and I also really enjoy making videos. They incorporate the tab format with the use of annotations, this way your not just looking at some numbers and going WTF? ;__;

My channel will have tutorials of covers I have personalized myself, and maybe later in time it will also have original guitar parts to songs....but we will see.

Anyway I'm wondering what this forum community thinks of this?

do you guys like the idea?

here is a link to my channel:


peace and love!