I´m maybe a little late for the show, but this was a short chorale I wrote for a local choir to sing for the christmas mass this year. The choir liked the piece so much that they asked me to write an arrangement for a small ensemble to accompany their voices. I kept it very tidy and simple, because amateur choirs and ensembles are not as well versed with their instruments and voices as one might expect. But I still believe this has turned out well. Here is the part for the small ensemble, the SATB part is giving me problems when exporting from Sibelius.

I hope you had a nice christmas and have fun listening!
gloria christi.gp4
gloria christi.gp5
gloria christi.mid
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I quite enjoyed this, I especially like the first couple bars, and the repetitions of those two chords. It's simple, yet rather powerful in its way. If I had any criticisms to offer, it would be about the lack of any real variation in melody and rhythm; I understand it's an amateur ensemble, but I think they could stand to perform a modulation or some higher note values.

I can't say I find much glory in Christ, but this is a pretty good piece for its setting. I might suggest just going back and doing another, more complex version with the same ideas, but with the freedom to write what it was you wanted exactly without imposing the limitations of an amateur ensemble upon yourself. I wrote a classical piece as well, would you care to take a look at it?