New to this forum. Used to play alot of metal maybe 15 years ago. The usual Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, At The Gates, bit of AC/DC etc.
In between then and now I've basically been producing alot of drum and bass, more soulful stuff rather than 'jump up' as it's known and I've had a few releases etc. Actually bought a wee pocket pod the other day just to help record some stuff instead of having to mic up amps etc in the bedroom.
I like to record a few metal tunes now as well as the DnB and seems easy enough in Cubase.
I bought a new guitar there a couple of days ago for xmas, a Jackson DXMG, since I sold my charvel about 7 years ago, and have been using a Samick once or twice a year! The Jackson sounds lovely (to me anyway) contrary to what I've read about EMG HZ's.
There also seems to be 2 schools of thought, since my return to playing guitar.
Those against amp modelling who insist on using proper amps, and those who use them for ease of use etc.
Personally I rather like the Pocket pods insane amp tone with drive setting down around 3 or 4.
Here's a short clip playing along to a slayer track. Go easy it's been 15 odd years since I regularly played.


Ok so it's mostly open Eb and powerchords but so....
I think I've a rather good ear but maybe I'm not adjusted enough yet to recognise a decent guitar tone. What's everyones opinions?

Anway looking forward to joining in discussions on this forum regarding playing and producing.

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