Hey guys, need some feedback. I usually try to write metal, but this is the first full song that I've created (guitars, bass, and drums with different panning and such), and I really want to know what people think of it. It's pretty punky, so sorry if that's not really something that you normally listen to, but hey, exposure to more backgrounds can only help, right...? Thanks in advance and don't be shy about your thoughts of it haha.
hey, not bad. However I wouldn't say this is punk. more like radio pop music with guitars in it.. (I am aware that this is not an actual genre name). I don't blame you for mistaking mid 90's style "punk" as punk, even though it isn't (many people confuse the two, even though they are generally dissimilar).
anyway, I digress. Your song is of quality sir, and it is catchy. I would suggest recording a real version of it asap.
Let There be Metal!!
Crittin' as I goooo

- The intro could use some let ring over it. It sounds way too sharp and stuff, those notes need to let ring.
- Starting at the distorted intro, the drums are way too quiet and should be turned up, same with the bass. Also, I agree that this isn't really punk, there's really no elements of punk in it.
- The tempo change to the chorus didn't work, and the tempo change out of the chorus didn't work. That part just caused a lot of trouble, I would suggest just scrapping it.
- Didn't really feel the solo.

Yeah, overall, it was okay, but you could definitely make some imprvements. The chorus part just feels like it doesn't belong in the song, so try to work on that some. Good job.
the other 2 comments on here are horseshit. don't listen to them. Something that would balance your music out would be lyrics. cause it is musical, but not song musical. if you wrote lyrics to this piece, you'd be ****ed up. idk maybe you have thoughts on lyrics already but I hope you see my view. you have a good ear. it was mostly in the same key. (which a lot of people don't follow for some reason on here lol) it was fully punk, no doubt about it. 9/8 to 7/8 thing made me laugh. maybe you'll learn why if you don't already know. I think it had real potential, keep praticing, just remember. Don't break the rules of music unless you have mastered the rules. and always have fun.
whether this is real punk or not (i say yes) it was enjoyable. Definitely more than just power chords, but yeah, the solo doesn't really add anything interesting to the song. As for the chorus, it just feels weird, but it's really cool, try adding some kind of transition. However, in real life this tempo change may sound better than in guitar pro.

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