Say someone had written a script which allows the tabs and sheet music from Ultimate Guitar Pro to be saved and printed. Would this violate the terms of service in any way?

If not, would it violate the terms of service by sharing the script so that others could print off their own sheet music and tabs? It is very frustrating having to sit in front of a computer screen every time I want to view the tabs.
I don't see how it would be, you're allowed to manually save and print the tabs so automating the process shouldn't be restricted.
Interesting. I didn't know you could copy/paste the tabs. I assumed that I would have to print-screen/paste, repeat, etc.

What I want to do is have a hard copy of the tabs and sheet music that I can carry around with me for when I practice. I know that a lot of sites that deal with sheet music are very protective (ie: you pay for a PDF, but it's encrypted and locked down so you can view it, but not print it, etc).