I know it's a little dated, but I have a Digitech GNX3. I want to connect to my computer to save patches with a MIDI to USB device. The GenEdit software keeps giving it can't find digitech device. The cable is cheap (ebay for like a buck) and may be part of the problem (sorry I have kids, a mortgage and other responsiblities). Does any body have any ideas? Is there additional software needed (for the cable)?
Might be a crappy cable. Do you see the midi driver and are able to select it?

Try switching the out and in. Maybe you have it backwards.
I tied switching the in and out. Several other threads said to make sure the out from the computer went to the in on the GNX3. I did not look for a MIDI driver. When the cable was first plugged in, it loaded some kind of driver. The other threads said the driver may be the problem.
If you are using XP you should be able to go into the control panel, sound & audio devices, audio tab and see the midi driver for the Digitech under the midi selection.
Sounds like the driver didn't install. I bought a cheap usb/midi cable off eBay and it wouldn't install either. I also have the EMU USB/MIDI and it does work.