now i was going to buy the ac15c1 used for 400 cuz i found it on craigslist, but the guy flaked out, so now i found an ac30vr, for the same price, and idk what to do, should i wait till another c1 comes along, or should i go with the vr, im trying to get a tom delonge sound, i have an epiphone dot, and so ya, they also have an ac15cc1, idk about that one either, any advice?
a Tom delonge song with a Vox try marshall probably closer to his sound
Proper AC15 > AC30VR any day. However, don't be fooled into thinking an AC15 is the same as an AC30 only quieter....it's not.

I believe the AC15C1s are more highly regarded than the old CCs since the greenback is supposed to be a better match than the vox/wharfedale speakers, though I have no experience myself there, I hope I'm not mixing up the models.

IMO, if you're set on an AC15 both the CC and C1 should suit you, and a speaker swap isn't too expensive or difficult.
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the vr is a solid state amp.
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There's quite a difference: the VR series are tube/ss hybrids, whereas the CC and C1 series are all tube.
(I am almost certain, but will probably still be corrected)
the AC30VR is the very first generation of the vox VT series, the second generation being the vox VT30 and the third and latest generation VT20+ (actually a 30-watt-er)

and @ beast121 as the AC30VR is a modelling amp, it'd be quite easy to get his sound with said amp.
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^ Thought the VR's came out after the VT30s? I thought it went (chronologically) AD30VT, VT30, VT20+ with the VR as a separate, later model for people who couldn't afford AC30s but didn't want to feel like they were buying a modeller? Either way, AC15 all the way.
Ac30vr is not a all tube amp, its a hybrid. The ac15c1 is a all tube amp. Get the ac15c1, its a much better sounding amp, unless you want a few more features at the expence of great tone.
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so i should wait until another ac15c1 or cc1 comes on craigslist?

Check ebay
the AC15C1 is a far superior amp. Hands down.
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Check ebay

i would, but i only have 400, and will only have 400 for a long time, they dont have anything on ebay for that price