The seventh Facepunch Collaborative Album is here and have no fear because it's free. How do you listen? Click the album cover below.

What is this project all about?
This is a collaboration where musicians from Facepunch work independently and submit songs for the album. There are few requirements and no genre restrictions which allow for a lot of diversity. If you're interested in getting involved in the next album keep an eye on the last thread. Also, be sure to check out the previous albums which can be found on our Bandcamp.

Comments and constructive criticism are of course welcomed.


Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes.

Q: You said it was free but it is asking me for a price.
A: Try entering in "0" for a price. If that doesn't work we likely ran out of download credits.

Q: If I donate money where will it go?
A: It could go one of two places. The first being to download credits. Bandcamp gives you 200 download credits each month. Download credits allows you to download the album or a song in whatever format you want for a credit per song. When the album releases, the credits get eaten up pretty quickly due to how many songs are on the album. The credit package is as follows:

$9 USD for 300 download credits
$20 USD for 1000 download credits
$75 USD for 5000 download credits

After the amount of traffic slows down to a point where nobody is really downloading anymore, the rest of the money will go towards a charity. The charity in particular will depend upon a vote granted there is a decent amount of money. If there is only 30 cents left, voting or donating wouldn't make much sense for obvious reasons.

Q: How was the track order decided?
A: The first five tracks were chosen by quality, the rest were randomly ordered.