Evening everyone. Basically i'm gonna buy a Jaguar and put it in C Standard Tuning; C F Bb Eb G C.

And basically i was wondering if any truss rod adjustments would have to be made as i've never touched the truss rod in any of my guitars before. Any help would be appreciated.

you definitely don't need any truss rod adjustments on the go, keep it like that for a month or so and check the neck and see how it is.
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If you wanna play in C for a day, you'll be fine. Any longer and you'll want to make adjustments, or put on a bigger gauge string.

I put my Schecter in C and played in C over the summer, and at the end of the summer, the neck was messed up, pretty sure there was a massive bow in it. I just tuned it back up to E, let it sit for a couple weeks and (I'm pretty sure) it was good to go again.
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You should be able to closely match the tension if you put on higher gauge strings than what might come on it (9s with fender?) and it should play fine. I play with 11's in standard, so i need like 12's or 13's for C. Gonna be rough
I basically wanna put it in C from the moment i buy it and keep it that way, all my other guitars are in E or Eb and i want to have one guitar in a different tuning. So i was gonna buy 11's or 12's for the C tuning and just hope to make all needed adjustments on the day.
The main adjustment will probably be intonation, the rest won't be a huge issue i'd say. Unless your going to like 13's in standard tuning from 9's you'll probably need truss rod adjustment
Gonna buy it, take it home, take off the strings it came with, put heavier gauge ones on and tune it to C. Will intonation be my only issue if i do it this way?
Okay, so i'm basically just gonna have to wait and see after i've tuned it up. Cool, cheers for the advice everyone.