Want to add some pedals to my rig now, could use some advice, don't want anything stupidly expensive though please I use a Blackstar HT Stage 100 Head btw!

I play Metal/Metal-core and post hardcore mainly, Planning to get as basic pedals the smart gate by MRX and the electric polytune but on top of that....

For an OD - The MXR Zack Wylde pedal is tempting me as it seems perfect for what i want.

Reverb- The Holy Grail, Looks beautiful!

Delay- Stuck between the MXR Carbon Copy and the EHX Memory Man with Hazarai (Slightly confused as to exactly what this pedal does, does not seem like a straight forward Delay pedal)

I have also been looking at the Digitech Whammy, or EHX micro Pog or Pog2, any advice on any of these pedals would be nice!
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Staple effects for any board are reverb, delay and wah. Go for a Dunlop wah if you don't want to shell out loads for something higher-end like a Morley.

I've heard good things about the Holy Grail, and seems to be good value for money. For delay, the MXR is a good bet, but for a much lower price you could get the EHX Memory Toy (not Man, Toy!). It's pretty much the same as the MXR only about half the price.

Personally, I don't think the Zakk Wylde pedal is very good at all. I'd suggest maybe the GT-OD or another OD pedal.

Also, give Boss and Digitech a look, they both do high quality pedals at reasonable prices.
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The Zack Wylde pedal looks like it adds just a touch to an already heavy setting, which i already have. Yeah i've looked at Boss and Digitech and pretty much everyone already aha.