Isn’t it great?
Her pretty façade,
Falsely put in place
But not at all odd.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Her charming pain,
Used in defense
But nothing’s to gain.
Wouldn’t you like
To open her up?
Pear inside her head,
Look inside her mind.
But, boy, please.
Let’s not waste our time.
Her pretty façade is glued so tight
It’s not likely to come off,
Especially not tonight.
Your slick words,
Charismatic and kind
Make her mask slip,
Centimeters at a time.
But to completely crack,
The person she’s put in place,
Would take a lots of time.
Don’t make this a race.
So keep sitting there,
Contemplating, ruminating,
Thinking about what you’ll try,
To crack her shell,
So her feelings, she can’t hide.
She doesn’t come with directions.
She may be missing a screw.
Or two.
But once you get her open,
She almost belongs
To you.

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