Howdy fellers,
I'm working on a Ventura bass for a friend right now. Looks like this one but in a way cooler orange sparkle finish:

Anyway, he wants new tuners. The current ones work OK but one is bent. My major problem is that it's got smaller tuners on it like most Japanese basses. I have a full set of full size Fender tuners but the won't fit the current hole layout. Are there other quality tuners on such a small footprint?

This thing also has a pretty mean buzz that I can't for my life get to go away. It's grounded at the bridge and all that jazz but it still "gets better" when I put my hand on the metal. I'll have to get back and give it a really good once over.

We've also discussed changing the pickups but these ones look so cool I wouldn't even know what else to put there.