Hey folks,
Just wondering around for christmast am planing to give my epiphone an upgrade and put new pickups, electronics, bridge and tuners, and knobs and wanted references on what to buy from ur experiences, and my guitar is an epi zack wylde and it is gold hardware and i was cheking out some rs stuff but wanted to know what exactly u recomend. For pickups i will love them to be active and want them to have awsome cleans like really trebby but good dis.

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i mean what pickups and parts should i get because my pickups are emg hz and my psrtd were gold but now got ugly so i wanna buy new ones.
Okay okay okay, if you put active pickups in this guitar you will have to get a battery box put in. This will require a hole being put into the guitar possibly unless you have the battery hidden in the control cavity, which is a bit less convenient.What do you mean by PSTRD? The Hardware? If the gold has faded off then chances are the replacement ones you buy will too. The grover tuners on Epi Les Paul's aren't that bad either.
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Buy a set of EMGs.

The 81 and 85.

Then just use a brass cleaner to take the gold off your old hardware.

It's decent quality stuff, so just put up with it.

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the zakk wyldes do look pretty sweet if you switch the gold hardwares to black
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I have one. The advice I was given is old looking stuff makes it more desirable, so
Don't change the hardware. If you put emg's in it te battery easily fits in the lp's
Control cavity. Also their a walk in the park to install.
Be different. Load a Dimarzio Super Distortion/ Seymour duncan distortion on bridge and Dimarzio PAF Pro / Seymour Duncan SH-2N on neck. Get the ones with same color with your guitar. You'll have a sound like damn active pickup on bridge, it will be soo good, warm, fat, high sustain, screamin harmonics. On the neck, you'll have world's best clean tones, with capacity of powerful distortion. You can make everything with this combo. Jazz, heavy metal, blues, classic rock, punk, funk, drop tunings, just everything. Get tonepros bridge, and planet waves locking tuners. Use dunlop straplocks. You'll have a perfect guitar. I promise. And, you'll have something on your own. Original.

Edit: No active pickup has a good clean tone. Just none. Don't search for a such thing, it will never ever exist. Clean tone = moderate-low output passif pickups, with smooth tones. Every single active pickup destroys the clean sound.
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