How many albums did you purchase or "purchase" this year?

I bought 1 album and "purchased" around 20 other. What about you guys?
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I purchased pooploads of music this year. Probably 50 albums. I "purchased" about the same number.
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Purchased: Late Registration on CD from Goodwill and a like three or four records.
"Purchased": Like 200 including EPs and splits. Lul.

EDIT: Wait I thought you meant new music. Last.fm is telling me 501 albums in total.
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>20, I pay for everything.
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i bought

Tiny music... Songs from the vatican gift shop
Siamese dream

i felt those records shouldn't be downloaded so i bought them instead


As for how many i've "purchased" .. there are things the world is better off not knowing
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I legally acquired 4 albums though 2 were free.

Couldn't tell you how many I acquired elseways.
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like 15 and payed for every one
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I purchased about 20-25.
"Purchased" none.
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Only about 8-10. Didn't get much music this year.

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I bought:

-Portishead's first two albums
-QotSA's Song for the Deaf and Rated R for my brother's birthday tomorrow
-Dave Brubeck 10 CD box
-Charles Mingus 10 CD box
-John Coltrane's Soultrane and Coltrane

'Aquired' quite a few more than those.

you got a lucky brother.... probably between 10-15 for me
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20-40, illegally downloaded none.

Edit: Just counted, 29.
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I think about 30, I've been given about 20 on top of that by family too.
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I get about a dozen albums at my local record shop every month. Shop owner orders stuff he knows I'll like and sets it aside.
I don't know.... About (Assuming I bought the Children of Bodom in early January, which I believe I did)............................................... 18? I think it was probably more, though.
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I purchased 95 CDs this year.

I never 'purchase' any. If I want them on my mp3 player, I buy the CD and rip them.
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Oh man, I have no idea. Too many to count, actually. Maybe if you asked me how many Grateful Dead or Frank Zappa albums I bought this year I could give you a reasonable number.
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I bought a shit ton, old and new. Worth it more than not.
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I purchased Pianos Become the Teeth - The Lack Long After when they played in New Mexico.

It was the only album that I needed to purchase.
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I purchased 0 albums, however I "purchased" 514 albums according to iTunes. Around 4500 songs this year, I think thats a record for me, its been a really good year.

Mind if I call it in? That is the same ass stealing from a store, Satchmo.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
Easily over 50, don't even know how many. As well as a whole load rented from libraries and a fair few borrowed from friends. I 'purchased' about 10 which will mostly be rare out of print albums.

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Legally acquired/bought probably 30-50 albums, unsure of what exactly. "Purchased" none.
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Purchased about 50 or so and "purchased" 0
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