I own an ibanez s320 and the metal socket that holds the trem bar in place on the bridge has snapped in half, as you can see in the picture. ibanezrules.com has this one for sale:http://www.ibanezrules.com/images/parts/2TRX1BA002.jpg

BUT thats not my exact piece, and i dont think it will work with the other parts i have that aren't broken. anyone else had this happen to them? what can i do to get a replacement? thanks guys
Go here http://www.ibanez.com/parts & click the year of your instrument on find a part number > select USA/ENGLISH then click login > click catalog number > at the parts catalog select search by parts category > Click tremolo unit in the left pane on the bottom left & find the piece there.

I wouldn't do business with Rich @ Ibanez Rules, I have been in your situation, but for a LO-PRO that had the same issue, I ordered the package from him & he sent the piece & didn't even include the little white ring that keeps the bar from flopping around, which should have been included, on top of that he is an asshole. You'll save yourself a headache & an eyesore if you order those parts straight from Ibanez.

Edit: The piece you'll need is the 2TRX1BA002, but the number will likely be different depending on the year of your instrument. Yours screws in whereas the one on my lo pro pops the bar in with that white ring just above the tip of the bar that goes into the hole. Anyway, I ordered that piece that broke on yours for a lo pro with a new bar & that white ring didn't come with it. Definitely order the piece straight from Ibanez.
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thanks for the info man, i actually emailed Rich today and he told me that i have to switch to the new trem system, which is 45 dollars for like 3 little metal pieces. the ibanez website says my piece, the 2ZR29 arm socket is not available online.... not sure what to do now but thanks for the link
I would contact them, http://www.ibanez.com/contact/ or at 1-215-638-8670

My model is a 2001 RG & I can still get the piece through Ibanez without having to hassle with Rich because he's an authorized dealer, that status of being authorized made him a real wanker. Since you can't get it online, getting in touch with them will likely help solve the dilemma. Sounds to me like Rich is trying to make a buck off of you. Get in touch with Ibanez first, I really hope they can help you, I'd hate for you to have to go through Rich. Definitely phone them tomorrow.
haha "a real wanker." definitely got that impression from his website. MUCH appreciated man