Hello I just bought a Jasmine Acoustic Guitar. I'm currently learning how to play the guitar obviously, but should I memorize all of the chords first or should I learn the chords as I play the song?
I'd suggest playing simple songs (that you like) and learn the chords accordingly. That way, you also learn to keep the rhythm up and help you learn how to switch between chords.
I agree. Find a song with 3 or 4 chords and work on those chords. Then find a song that has a few of those chords and a new one to work on. It will make things more fun than trying to memorize every open chord with no real purpose
agreed. simple songs in A G D are very popular. you can find tons of songs that you like that utilize those three chords. after getting them down you can add more chords like E Em C and such.
Oddly enough, if you like The Eagles you have some good music to start learning on. They have quite a few simple songs. If you have a capo it will also open you up to more songs without learning more chords (Not a short cut though, just some songs are different).

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