i put together videos of my friends and i, mainly of snowboarding and whatnot, and have been using windows movie maker for a while. i'm looking to get a better editor but i'm fairly broke.

i was looking at avid's pinnacle studio hd and i've been seeing a lot about it's new tools but haven't seen anything about video effects, e.g. slowing it down, reversing the clip, filters, pans and whatnot.

anyone out there have experience with it or can recommend something cheap yet better than windows movie maker?
I personally used Pinnacle Studio when I was a little younger. It was good- but you'll find more comfort in the Adobe programs *including after affects, and Premiere*.

Not only does it have wider support *and you'll need support*, but once you get used to how it works, it's easy to navigate and find out how to do what you want.

If you want it to be cheap- torrent it. If you move forward you can buy it, but for now it will give you entrance into what the professionals and amateurs alike use.

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I've heard Adobe After Effects is decent-ish.
Or some Sony one that I can't remember the name of now.

EDIT: Sony Vegas, my mates used that for their uber-cool CoD montages.
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