Urgh. I'm trying to play b flat bar chord. It's the one where index finger is on all 6 strings on first fret and 3rd finger is on 2nd 3rd and 4th strings on 3rd fret. It's death for me. I can't seem to precisely target the three strings without creating the most miniscule buzz on the small e string.... Do you guys have little tips or help to offer?
If you're trying to play Bb, you don't need to play the F (the first fret on your low E string) as the bass note in the chord is on the A string. Therefore, you only need to bar 5 strings. This may help you out a little.

Also, since you're only using 2 fingers to fret the chord, your 3rd finger could be touching the high e string. Try fretting the chord with all 4 fingers. It does take away some of your options for adding tensions (other notes) with your other fingers but it will pretty much guarantee you get every note to ring out.

Just to clarify, when I say 3rd finger, I mean your ring finger.

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Barre the 3rd fret with the ring finger and don't play the high e string? Or play it as a E Bar chord on the 6th fret low E string and don't play the high e once again so you only have the 5 notes that you want. Or just make sure your fingers don't touch the high e normally so it rings out, rearrange your fingers if you have to make it work.
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... There is ALWAYS a small buzz sound. I keep touching the small e string with my third finger. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Are you trying to play this?


If so, you only need to strum the middle four strings. For this shape, I switch between these two fingerings:

(2=index, 3=middle, 4=ring, 5=pinky)

[U]E|A|D|G|B|e[/U]      [U]E|A|D|G|B|e[/U]
[U] |2| | | | [/U]      [U] |2| | | | [/U]
[U] | | | | | [/U]  or  [U] | | | | | [/U]
[U] | |3|4|5| [/U]      [U] | |4|4|4| [/U]
[U] | | | | | [/U]      [U] | | | | | [/U]

The second fingering requires you to barre your ring finger, which may take some getting used to. Regarding the high e buzzing, in the first fingering, the inside of your index finger should be touching (and therefore muting) that string. In the second fingering, make sure your barred ring finger doesn't press down on that string all the way.

Hope this helps.
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