I've always found a very morally gray area to be with choosing family and those close to you over outsiders.

I mean, obviously people do prefer family to outsiders (by "family" for the sake of convenience, I mean it both literally and figuratively. Some people don't like their biological families, but have a group of friends that are like family to them).

If you had to choose between a random stranger being shot to death, or your mother, unless you have an unfortunate relationship with your mother you'd probably prefer the stranger be shot.

But at one point does it become immoral?

Edit: I'm referring to family and/or friends, vs. strangers. Not friends vs. family.

The spectrum I think would be divided by one side having that utilitarian sense; where you should consider everyone equally, and try never to have preferences for family with moral decisions. But that side is to me unrealistic. (also, I'm sure some utilitarians have gotten around that line of thinking)

The other side of the spectrum is sort like in The Godfather. You never go against your family no matter what. That might seem noble at first, but it can justify you to do some pretty terrible things.

Where would you place yourself on that kind of spectrum?
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i for the most part like my freinds beter than my family(a majority of them are dicks anyway)

i like my freinds better because i picked them
and i picked them for a reason
I would probably do anything for my immediate family because it's just me and my parents and none of us get along with the rest of the family. I'm closer to my friends than my parents but it's like ,the only people we have are each other and if something happened to them I wouldn't have a family anymore.

Other relatives are more negotiable

I don't know if I trust any of my friends anymore so I wouldn't do as much for them as I have in the past.
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When you decide to **** your mother instead of a random stranger then i think that's where the morality line can be drawn. In jizz!
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Other relatives are more negotiable


2 relatives for the price of 1 friend. What a BARGAIN

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We talked a lot about this kind of stuff in an ethics class I took last semster. I have always had and still maintain that if I had to choose to save a loved one or a stranger I would most certainly go for the loved one. And if it were one loved one over 3 strangers, I would probably still go for the loved one.
It sounds rough and immoral and all of that, but when it comes down to it, that's the way it is.
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If it was my immediate family (mom, dad, two brothers, sister) over others I would save my family every time. Even if it was one of them or 20 strangers I would choose them. Wouldn't even have to think about it to be honest.

Edit: Wow, that sounded way meaner then I meant it to. Oh well, it's true.

Edit2: V Also what those two said. I don't even see anything wrong with it. Like I said it wouldn't even be a hard decision.

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Why wouldn't you choose family over outsiders? Why wouldn't you choose the people that mean something to you over the ones that don't?

You people worry so much about morals and ethics that you forget what's actually important.
Obviously I care more about people I love and care for, why wouldn't you? Some of you people are crazy with all this "everybody is equal so I must be 100% impartial to everything and everybody in my entire life" bullshit.
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No one is equal. If I have to chose between a total stranger taking a bullet or my mother, I'm taking my mother because I value her more.
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