Awesome Song, i enjoyed it alot! The beginning is just brilliant, the second repetition of the riff at 1:43 with the dubbed guitar is just great. Also the following riff at 2:20 with the dubbed guitar is great, it's one of my favourite parts in your song, but the dubbed guitar plays the riff 12 times and then it suddenly ends. I dont know but, have you tried to move this chord to a higher position? i think it would be the icing on the cake, cause the part after 3:00 minutes is a bit boring. Thats my only point of criticism, just a great song and with lyrics it would be killer.

Thanks, the part at 3:00 is the one part I'm most likely going to change; it just drags on too long. I'm thinking of adding a guitar solo over the second half of it, or I'm gonna trim it down. Haven't decided for sure, though, most final decisions will be done after lyrics get written :P