Hi, I been looking at Behold-Born of Osiris and I have a few questions.

First off I can only see the major scale in Amajor and all the arpeggios and everything inside A major and the pentatonic/blues scales inside on B, c# and f#, so I relate everything I learn back to that lately (songs and licks).

As far as I can tell this is not in one specific key...? To me it appears at first to be in F# but he later proceeds to descend down a Fmajor pattern...though the first sweep pattern gets played 1 half step lower....is he just going from F# to F somehow?
Basically I see the very first sweep pattern fits into my AMaj scale on the 3th as C# (I do also see it on the 7th G# but i do not see the second part of the sweep so I am pretty sure it would be starting on the 3rd since the second part of the sweep fits right next to it)

Then the next pattern is just the 1st 2nd 3rd string of a D# min which would mean i'm on the 6th i believe...but then he moves the pattern a half step down to D min triad i think? and now i'm super confused...haha

Basically I'm hoping for someone to maybe explain how to go about finding out what I'm playing here. I can play it (not up to speed, but smoothly) but I am lost. I would like to understand how it was written and would like to be able to see the scales/patterns used...I looked through a little book of arpeggios briefly but found nothing....

Sorry for the poor sentence structure, but thank you MILLIONS to whomever can explain and put me back on the right path haha. I'm so lost....
(just llooking at my keyboard maybe the first sweep is A#Augmented?)
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This probably doesn't help, but it sounds like you are way too bogged down in the theory.
Theory is very important, but at this level of composition you'd be better off not rushing into understanding it.
When I try and write something like this, I don't even consider theory, I just carry on until I have the sound that I want. Over time you naturally develop your own way of making things interesting.
By ALL means, learn the song, it'll make you a much better player. Just don't worry about understanding each nuance of theory. The more you play compositions in this style, the more you'll create an intuitive way of creating your own.

And I'm aware this didn't answer your question, but to go through those sweeps and figure out bar for bar what is actually going on doesn't fit into today's schedule!
I am having difficulty understanding your point of view. Understanding it makes it about 100x easier to learn. Especially since when I go learn another song of his, I'll probably run into the same scale, making it so I don't have to go relearn it. Also understanding how this was written will help me understand/hear the chord progression that he is playing over better, since I can't hear the difference between major/min chords very well unless it's a clean piano, 3 notes and I have something to compare it to.