Here's a song that I recently made:


Glad if u would rate it (C4C!) and give me some good tips about the mix(I don't know what's wrong with it, but it isn't just right)

//I intended to do a progressive thrash song(like some Coroner,Watchtower,Destruction songs)
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I like the intro, nice rhythm, makes me wanna headbang! 2nd riff changes the rhythm unexpectedly, but it sounds cool, kinda more progressive or something than traditional thrash. Loads of excellent riffs, nice bass solo near the end too.
As for the mix, it's not bad. I think the bass guitar is bit too loud; it's nice hear it though, better than being inaudibly low like in And Justice For All. The drum sound is ok, maybe the kick could be bit louder.
Overall, like it a lot though. Thrash, but with a bit of an original twist to it.

As far as the mix goes, I would bring the guitars up a bit, but the mix seems fine. I would recommend turning your gain down on your guitars to reduce all of the fuzziness. Pretty solid riffage, but Idk if you go into an odd time signature or what but maybe think of a different drum beat to make it flow better. You definitely have a good thrashy vibe though and I think you've achieved your goal stylistically. I'd rate this song 3/5 overall for now. I like it but the weird rhythm throws me off a bit and I think vocals and a guitar solo could do wonders for this song
I like the melodies in here. They had a definite diminished and chromatic quality to them that made it sound kind of exotic and really weird. I approve wholeheartedly. The drums were a little underwhelming and didn't seem to add much to the song besides some generic beats, but the weird guitar melodies and rhythms were a huge plus in my book.

My first impression immediately is that the guitars are too muffled. Roll down the gain some to get more clarity and maybe boost the highs a little bit around the 2-5kHz range to get some more presence. First roll back the gain and see what that does for you. When you have dual tracked, hard panned guitars in a song, you need a lot less gain than you'd think. For me, the gain knob rarely goes past 25% on my high gain amps, and rarely do I use a lot of drive on my pedals (usually around 25% as well). When you mix them, they sound full and metal without becoming muffled by the distortion.

The drums, mostly the kick, lacked balls, which is common when using computerized drums. Boost the 50-100Hz range on the drum's EQ for more power and punch and maybe a little tiny bit around the 3-5kHz range for more attack.

The bass was really well done, though it was a little loud. If you EQ that right, it'll come through the mix without having the be ultra-loud. Anywhere where you've cut the guitar's tone (it sounds like the mids mostly, but the bass a little bit as well), you want to boost the bass a little bit to fill that out, as well as keeping a nice bottom end to it to anchor the lower frequencies.

Alright first off the riffs and overall guitar work in my opinion seems fine, nice thrashy riffs, although the guitars could be a tad bit louder. However i do think something needs to be done with the drum beat to make it fit with the riffs more, the transition at about 18 seconds has a very odd feel to it, almost feels like it just suddenly slows down a bit. There are also some parts that a double kick would have worked real nicely. That being said i still do like the drums there's just a little more that could be done with them.

Noooo, i cant give you critic cant listen those song at your UG homepage. I try to update flashplayer and it wont work. If you upload it another place like soundcloud,soundclick i will give you some comment