Might be jumping the gun here, but did not find a thread that gives good advice on this.

I have an ipad 2 and recently purchased an apogee one interface. I found I can connect the one to the ipad using the camera cable for the ipad, and can record with it, and it all sound great as a concept for light recording gear on the road...

But all I got was crap results - hard to control, hard to record, and poor quality using garage band. not to mention getting the sound files of the ipad.

Any one has any better results? would love some tips and tricks if you have them -
Do you know of a better / different ipad recording app that will work with the one?
Any idea on how to improve the quality of the sound? (I know I can use a better mic...)
the results you got are exactly what one would expect using that method. I'd recommend a zoom field recorder over an ipad any day. apple products are all hype and no substance
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