Considering I can't find a teacher here that doesn't do the classical approach (nothing against it, it's just not for me i've tried it) I was wondering how effective skype lessons would be?

I have my interface hooked up to Skype and can sing through my Shure SM7B and it goes straight through so sound quality is pretty decent.

I'm debating between getting lessons from Jaime Vendera

or one of Brett Manning's coaches.

What are your guys opinions? It's pretty pricey but I'm willing to give what's necessary to make me a better singer.
Well no one helped me out but I decided to go with Jaime Vendera. Mostly because Brett Manning's site doesn't use paypal buuut whatever.

If anyone is interested in me telling them how the experience is with my one hour lesson with Jaime, please tell me.
Sorry, man. Guess New Year's Eve was a bad time to ask a question.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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As always, I'd be happy to hear how it goes. I'm understandably skeptical after looking at his site. Usually, when folks have to tell you only serious and great people like their product they are trying to pull you in.

I know that he is a great instructor live, but I'm afraid he is pulling a Melissa Cross on us all (not offering a product but charging ridiculous prices for it anyway). In any case, I will gladly put my foot in my mouth should I be proved wrong. Good Luck!
My lesson with him was pretty sweet. He got me doing some pretty rediculous stuff but he cleared up a lot of questions I had about my voice and gave me some good exercises with the proper way on how to do them.

After the one hour session my voice literally opened up. I was having a pretty rough morning for my voice and after it felt like one of my best days with it. I'm going to keep up with the exercises and hopefully my voice will just go uphill!

Also, since he has a screaming instruction program, at the end of the lesson I asked him to give me his opinion on my screams, he said they were sick and to keep at it So looks like I'm doing SOMETHING right! ahahah
This sounds like a great option for me. I've always wanted to take vocal lessons, but I'm a very busy person and live out in the sticks, so I don't really have a lot of time to do it if travel is included. Glad to hear that your session went well. I think I may look into doing something like this. Thanks for the info!!
I'm a big fan of Jaime Vendera's Raise Your Voice book and found it very thorough. I've been contemplating paying for a couple Skype lessons to supplement my regular singing lessons.

I suppose my main concerns are
1.)Quality of ability to teach over skype,
2.)Being able to hear each other well enough that the lessons are worthwhile
3.)Value for time/money(i.e. how much time was spent talking vs. singing, were you able to take away what you'd learnt in terms of exercises and skills, so that you could practice them solo)

Any chance you could talk in more detail about your experience? =D
anyone fancy giving me some free Skype lessons? Metal soloing?

need to get out the box and open my ideas more as I'm usually just thrash rhythm.
Jaime's free videos on YouTube alone have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him.
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