So i've been thinking about buying a rotary pedal, well more just checking them out and finding something cool. Anything under 200$ would be intersesting but preferably closer to 120 would be nice. I have really been having a hard time finding any choices really there dont seem to be very many. No tone is really specific just name some rotary's that you think are good. But i will be using this for rock and blues. Thanks
Many chorus pedals can get a Leslie type effect...

search google with { chorus pedal leslie } and a thread from another site comes up with a long list of them...
If you just want a fast, gurgly sound just get a stero chorus and set it to a high speed. If you want an authentic sound, there are some really nice ones, but they're pricey as all hell. Strymon's Lex, DLS' Rotosim and Sansamp's Rotochoir are some to look into.

If you dont want to go that high, you can score a used Line 6 Rotosim, Hardwire TR7 or Alesis Nanoverb for under $100 if you keep your eye out on Craigslist/eBay.
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i really like the Fulltone deja vibe, they have a couple versions of it to fit your needs. i use a sweet ultravibe II, it's expensive but sounds great.
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The Roto Choir by Tech21 is also a pretty good roto-sim pedal. I am not sure of the price but it has a whole host of settings to cover a pretty broad spectrum of music. It also just recently got Editors pick in Guitar Player magazine.