I'm thinking about getting a Bogner Alchemist 2x12 cab to use with a Mesa Boogie Simul 395 power amp. Do you guys have any opinions on wether the Bogner Alchemist would be a good cab to use for playing metal? I'm looking for something diverse, but i definitely need it to be able to handle heavy music as well. Currently my options are between a marshall 1936 2x12 cab which i am considering because it has vintage 30's but I'd rather go for something more unique.I am also strongly considering the black star htv212 or ht408 although from listening to the sound samples on GAK I afraid it might not be warm enough or pack enough punch on the low end.The other cab Im considering as well is the laney IRT 212 which I haven't been able to find much info on.......my budgets about £200-£250, any help or suggestions you guys could give would be much appreciated.
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It's a nice cab. Not super aggressive, and without the sharpness in the midrange that a v30 has.
Depends what you like. It would suit me, but it's not going to be super tight and aggressive.
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