Posted a thread asking for abit of info on this but it seemed to die quite quickly so thought i should do a NGD while im at it
pics are taken with my mobile so not the best quality

pics first

and finally a family shot


Well this was abit of an impulse buy, passing by cash converters and thought i would pop in for a look and found this hanging in the middle of a wall full of cheap strat copies, had a look over it and apart from typical scratches on the back it was in really good condition, frets look practically unplayed.
Well ive always fancies a les paul with a bigsby and this was up for £250 now i know this isnt exactly a top of the range Tokai, its made in korea for one but still £250 aint bad.
After a chat with the sales woman i walked away with this and a nice new guitar bag only £170 lighter.

I tried this through a cheap no name amp at the store, all electrics are fine but sounded garbage, plugged it into my little HT1r and it sounds really good, pickups handle any style, nothing amazing but im not complaining im sure with decent pick ups and a decent amp this thing would be great. Im not going to sit hear and say its great at ACDC/ GNR or any other band as i feel the amp plays more part in this but sounds suprisingly just as good as any other guitar i own.

The feel of the thing is where im most impressed, all my other guitars are ibanez so all have rather thin necks and bodies, ive always stayed away from chunky necks as ive got small hands, stupid mistake to be fair as this feels so much more comfortable, chords are mush easier any sort of solo/scales feel much better to play and faster, its quite heavy which took a little getting used to but all in all im impressed, for the price i paid i dont think i would of done much better.
Oh and this thing looks awesome but has given me serious GAS for a Gibson version
ooh, i normally don't like Lp's with bigsby's but that thing looks great, very classy. HNGD
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Good find man, that thing looks sexy as ****
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Very nice, man

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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
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very classy.

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