Hey all, I've finally acquired a Epi LP custom. The one I got was converted to house active pickups, so I've been working to get it back to passive pickups. My problem is, I have re-wired the whole damned thing 3 times and I'm still getting micro phonic feedback from somewhere. I'm assuming its the pickups. They are the stock Epi pickups. I tried placing an earplug under the pickup cover and re soldering it (to cushion the cover so it cant vibrate) and it didn't work. So, either I need to get these things potted (I don't know if that will even work) or I need to get new pickups. Are there any pickups that are notorious for micro phonic feedback/squeals? I'm a bit worried about buying any old covered pickup now since these are so bad.
I don't have a lot of experience in this area, but I think it is safe to say that Epiphone stock pickups are pretty reliable and don't give a lot of feedback. So I don't think the pickup is the problem here. However this isn't a sure thing.