First up, a series 1 Mesa Boogie Single Rect-O-Verb.

It arrived last week, but came with broken power tubes. D: So after a quick refund the amount of the tubes and a quick browse around amazon.com(local stores don't carry Mesa tubes), I finally got o play around with it yesterday. I'm still working on getting a usable gain sound that's nice and djenty without being overly harsh on the high end. As for cleans, they were fairly easy to dial in a nice sound and I'm surprised the cleans are as good as they are. I was expecting lame, mehness from the cleans but they're just as good as my Sovteks cleans. Clips maybe sometime soon, seeing as I just got an SM57 as well.

Next up is a SolidGoldFX Electroman Delay.

I love it for what I use it for. Probably the most interesting feature is the Warp switch, which oscillates the repeats and makes a swelling effect. Really neat. It's also got an effects loop built in, but I don't really use it much rikght now. Maybe if I get a synth pedal I'll make use of it. And with a reverb by it, it really sounds good for Post-Rock stuff which I've been getting more and more into. Speaking of reverbs...

A Digitech Hardwire Stereo Reverb. Its an ok pedal. Nothing much to write home about, but the Hall setting is easily the best reverb on the pedal, also incredibly helpful for post-rock.

EDIT: Large pictures are large. >_> And imgur's not resizing them. D:

RE-EDIT: Fixed. >_>
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