If love is a journey, then it's going through hell.
I'm with my last bit of hope next to a wishing well.
why didn't you just listen to me.
How come you couldn't see the things that I could see.
My heart's so bruised I wanna rip it out.
I'm a mess, I'm crying and I'm laughing out loud.
You, I love you, you beautiful *****.
But you, you hate me, common hurt me some more!!
This pain is unbearable, i wish i was dead.
Go kill yourselve, that's exactly what you said.
I tried, believe me, they found me on the rails.
After that phonecall with you that left it's trails.
**** this my mind is such a ****ing mess!!
Everyday, i love myself less.
I hate myself, for what i have become.
A loser, a psycho, for what i have done
to you,


If i would see a shooting star
I would wish that every day a star would fall, from the skies
So that every night when i see, a shooting star above the trees,
I'd wish for you to be with me.
Forever in my life.

my love, you're forever in my heart.
I'm not in yours anymore, i wanna tear it apart.
Because that place is taken by somebody else.
I wanna hurt him, mutilate him, bring him to hell.
Why can't I just be happy for you?
Can't stop thinking about the things that we used to do.
How come you never forgave me for what I did.
I never should have done that, i still feel like shit!

That's what I have so far, this is a rap song, besides the chorus, wich has a melody. I know the lyrics sound depressing, but I would like some HONEST opinions.