As part of my BC Rich warlock mod project, i want to sand it to the wood, have a friend of mine(with experience in this) woodburn some custom designs on the wood, stain it a very dark cherry/maroon and then apply a few coats of clear polyurethane for some durability.

Heres kinda how it would look... but on a warlock and with a darker stain.


my main question is how do you apply poly to a guitar? ive got a lot of experience in staining wood, but i hear that the slightest error in applying poly is very noticeable. if its at all difficult, how much is it to just take the stained guitar to someone to apply some coats of poly?
I think poly is easier to apply than nitro imho.

I always use a gravity feed spray gun but you can also use poly spray paint and get professional looking results.

It's about getting a consistent spray to limit the amount of stuff you have to sand out later that matters when working with poly I think.
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The difficulty depends on afew things, good technique, a dust free work area, and good equipment/ knowledge of equipment.

For a beginner using spraycans, very good results can be obtained providing you are patient, and have good working conditions. IMO its very important to have a dustfree area to spray/ dry. You have to be patient and allow plenty of time for the paint to dry, inbetween coats, and also before buffing.

I'm no expert these are some basic pointers to get you started. I suggest you read up more on the topic, techniques, different paint types etc. UG has some great reading if you look for it.
i woodburned a Gibson SG. lol. i have to go over it again because now i have a soldering station. it looks absolutely killer. i paid $300 for it used... lol, and the finish was messed up decently. i am going to darken it alot with the soldering station. its kind of a masonic graphic that i drew up and partially put together with influence coming from Down's cover art on verious albums.

it didn't photograph well though.