It would sound much better if the guitar(s) was/were louder than the synth/keys/whatever it is.
I agree with the guitars being louder. Overall, the composition is great, although I think the transition at 1:58 could use some work, it just feels kind of empty for some reason. Maybe bring the acoustic guitars up a little bit (I guess that's just extending from the first point though)?

I subscribed
Very nice folk style/pirate metal song.I love the melody and lead guitar.
It's quite nicely composed.Too bad that there aren't any vocals.
I would give some advice about the mix also, but I'm with my laptop and the speakers suck.
Overall 9/10.
My brother described this as "Iron Maiden meets Kansas, and then they go off to sea together". That's as apt a description as I can think of.

It's good stuff, though the synths are a bit too loud and the guitars too quiet. It also sounds like there's a little much gain on the guitars, which makes them sound kind of grainy and fizzy. I like the song and the melody and with some improvements to the details of mixing and eq'ing, this song would really shine and be a blast to listen to.

I do agree that the guitars need to be turned up a little bit, but the synth/keyboards still need to be pretty easily heard in it as i think it really helps with that piratey type feel to it. Other than than that those are some really cool riffs you got going, def. wanna hear more from you .

comment on my riffs please?

As everyone else said, turn the keys/synth down some. Really badass right out of the gate. Love the feel of the whole song. Drums fit very well, great guitar solo, really entertaining song. Add vocals and you have yourself a hit
I like it so far. As previously mentioned, the guitar could be more prominent in the mix. I feel like I'm straining to hear it, which is unfortunate because the playing is great. I like the mix of instruments you have in there. They all sound great together. Also, a little bit more power on the lower, bassier end would be nice. The song is great, very entertaining. The only thing I can say besides that is flutes and whatnot down in the mix, guitars up.

Great song, thanks for reviewing mine
I think it's a great mix other than the synths, like everyone's been saying. It almost seems like you completed the song and then threw really loud synths on top. But I'm actually surprised how much this does give off the feeling of pirates. That's not exactly the easiest "feeling" to portray, so I commend you for that. Maybe with a little more mixing you can get it into the next Pirates of the Carribean movie.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1509307
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Same comment as everyone else about the mix, it's a shame because that really would be an awesome song if it was mixed properly.

Before hearing it, I wanted to suggest that vocals are added, but having heard it I don't think that would be right, however I think if you were to write a concept album, this and other pieces like it would fit excellently around the parts with lyrics. I've always thought that good folk music can be rocked up well, and you've done an excellent job of it.

It would also be funny having that as the soundtrack for a random Michael Flatley/Riverdance style video clip!

C4C here, here, or here.
You can do any or all of them, if you do more than one feel free to post a link to anything else you've done for comments, if you've got any other similar pieces I'd definitely like to hear them.
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Type as I listen:

Before I do, Im excited to listen. I love pirate metal lol

Good feel, def. pirate-esque. The mix is a little off IMO. Guitar = little too low or the strings and stuff = too loud.

I like the melodies and such, ecspecially when the synth kicks out.

An acoustic! Very nice touch! I think that just made the whole song haha. The structure is hard to follow/not as distinctive as it could be IMO although it does flow well.

Some parts of the guitar seemed to clash a little with the synth parts, maybe they were off time a little?

I like the synth/guitar dueling, cool stuff.

Cool stuff, overall I think with a better mix it could be a much stronger track. I liked the flow and melodies, and def the acoustic!!!!!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Thanks for the critique man! The only thing I have to say is the synth should be a little quieter. Badass song though \m/
hmm pirate metal... sounds pretty sick! the solos fit perfectly to the song, i wouldnt change any of the lead guitar stuff. the only thing I think could be fixed is taking the synths down in the mix a little...they kind of cover up everything else. other than that, everything sounds great, tone and all.

thanks for reviewing my music!

btw I subbed, really loved your stuff! Do you record this all yourself or are you in a band?
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Quote by crazycory94

btw I subbed, really loved your stuff! Do you record this all yourself or are you in a band?

Thanks for subscribing, glad you like it
I record everything myself at home. Obviously I play the guitars and to add to that, there's Steven Slate Drums and also Kontakt 5 for the violin, accordion, flute etc.
Folk Metal!!! As soon as the song started all I could think was Finntroll, except I think I might actually like your guitar work better haha. The synths are a little too loud in the mix for me, other then that and maybe some velocity variation on the drum programming, solid all the way around bro. I really dig your sound. Is there anything other then youtube to hear your music on? I don't really check my youtube account often.
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Quote by Devin2112
I really dig your sound. Is there anything other then youtube to hear your music on? I don't really check my youtube account often.

Thanks, glad you like it

Have you got last.fm? You can download them for free there...

Apart from that, it's just on my UG profile. Oh, and I have a soundcloud account, but I don't really keep it updated.
Hah, what a fun song. Agree with one comment up there which said that the keyboard/synth should be a bit lower relative to the guitar. The guitar work is excellent, which is something we really appreciate. Keep it up \m/
LOVE IT so far. I love the vibe and all. I'm more of a fan on punk and alt. than metal (not that I don't like metal, I do) but this is effing incredible. I never thought pirate shanties and metal would go together well. You should do more stuff like this. I also like the guitar as the backing instrument and higher synth levels, unlike some of the other people. Keep it up.
That's a very nice feel good sort of track. I really like the pirate sound you went for, to me it really sounds like an Irish themed track also. Really nice dynamics throughout really, and that is critical for any instrumental song. I like how there are a lot of breaks, that short acoustic one was at the ideal time. Your lead playing is pretty solid, the solos overall sound good here. I don't have anything bad to say about the song musically, but the mix could use a little more balance. Bringing the synth instruments a little lower and/or raising up the guitar and drums would give the track a lot more punch.

I think this is a great overall track. Nice to listen to and well thought out. Good job on the composing!
This is great! I like the synth being this loud; it's pretty easy for instruments to be lost in the mix but I could clearly here all of the instruments. The production sounds nice and crisp. My favorite part is the synth bit around 1:10. It's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day! I don't really have anything negative to say. Great work!
It is a fun song. I don't really like the main synth sound. I'm guessing you're working off a normal keyboard with preset sounds. If not you can probably program better synth patches to use.

as stated above the synths overpower most of the other instruments in the mix. but a fun song regardless!

Quite the opposite of your track but feedback would be appreciated
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My first comment would have to be "epic"! I can imagine pirates playing zelda to this! Great playing all round, push the guitars up to match the synths/flute/violins etc, I think that would give it more punch! When the first guitar solo comes in the levels even out more and it sounds great! I would look at the transition at 1.58ish, maybe let the last solo note ring through more so it blends with the acoustic guitar starting? Great catchy song all in all though!
Thanks for the crit on https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1510134

Not really my type of music. Still nicely done. ****load of good melodies. Your mix is pretty good and the playing too. The synth should be more in the background imo. Sounds kinda out of place this way. Dunno, maybe more reverb, less highs and a little queter would squeeze it in the mix.
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