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Hey guys this is my first time and question on this but can anybody answer me this? can i connect a microphone directly into the boss rc 3?
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Well, you could use a vocal mic, those have standard 1/4" cables, but are you trying to use a condenser or something? You'd need a converter if that's the case.
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ah i want to do is plug in a mic and use it to sing and loop along with the guitar like
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What he's saying is that some mic's can do it, some need a convertor/interface. If you want good quality, you will need to get a decent vocal mic. and an interface. I use a Shure 58 and a Presonus Audiobox USB. That runs about $250.00 USD for the whole setup. There are cheaper options, but you may also sacrifice some sound quality. How much are you willing to spend? I get my loops onto my RC-3 by recording them to computer, converting them to the proper format, then downloading them onto the RC-3. Might not be the easiest or cheapest method though, but I like the sound quality.
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^this. the RC-20,30 & 50 have an xlr in so thats probably the ones you are needing to look at really.

They are a bit of a step up in price though
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#7, my question is kind of the same. But what I need is some specific answer with details I've never done anything with microphone, the only one I used was simple computer mic for skype :] What I wanna do is to connecet Microphone to my boss rc3 looper. And I know you can probably connect some microphone straight in, but then in my understanding you cannot adjust the volume, so if you record other instruments on the looper, the mic might be too loud or not loud enough... So what else do I need to control mic? And it would be nice if I could connect mic through the same input as I connect guitar/bass. Or do I have to connect it throug the usb port, the one that is used to download the songs from rc3 onto computer?