Hey, guys. Recently, I acquired a Schecter Omen-8. I did some upgrades on the electronics and it sounds like a DREAM!

Anyways, enough bragging. I was looking for some cool, djenty songs to learn on this new beast of mine. Obviously, I'd like to incorporate all 8 strings. That being said, any ideas, guys?
The Uncollective - Monuments is a good place to start.
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most after the burial stuff, also admit defeat by monuments, and of course MESHUGGAH!!!! - anything post Nothing
argh....I came in here to suggest ATB but it was already stated. Meshuggah obviously. Idk if they use 8 strings or 7s, but TesseracT has some absolutely awesome djenty songs
anything by animals as leaders - -not particularly djenty i admit, but will give you a good workout on the 8 string