Here's my cover of the Whole Lotta Love Solo by Led Zeppelin--> !!HERE!! Hope you enjoy, rate, comment, and subscribe. It was done on my brand new Epiphone g-400 SG, played through my line 6 pod GX studio. And recorded with REAPER. Leave a comment, and if you want I'll always respond back.

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Your playing is decent but it bugs me that the original is in the back ground. Don't really want to be comparing your solo to the original... at the same time anyway. I'd always recommend either finding a backing track or laying down some rhythm yourself (=

I agree, in fact I'm more so a fan of having no backing track at all, just you, that way we can completely judge your soloing ability. It's good, I think you need to work on your dynamics a bit more, and bending could be a bit more accurate, other then that, great job mate.

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Hey, thanks for the comment on my thread.

So, for your cover - It was pretty good, but with the original song playing on the background, it makes a bit difficult to judge xD
Maybe you should get a backing track, or play without backing.

But, from what I hear, it's really good. Some bends a bit out of tune, but it's really good. Next time you should use a backing track though xD
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Playing is decent, but you need more soul. In all of your videos, you're just like :|

Play with some soul and some emotion!
Thanks for all the comments and crits guys! And I'll be sure to show more emotion my next video!