When ever I palm mute any fast stuff (Master of Pupperts, part of Seek and Destroy,..ect...) I have alot of string noise. Can you tell me the best way to have my hand when I mute? Thanks.
im a little on the heavy side, so i have a good chunk of flesh right below the bone where the pinky starts all the way to where the wrist is, that part usually goes on pretty easy and when you pull it off for an open note it doesnt pull the strings, that might be where your problem is, pulling off the mute too hard. think of it as resting your hand on it, rather muting it, unless you want a really thick sounding mute, like the chugga-chugga sound. hope i helped.
I like playing Metallica, and Ozzy Osbourne (the No More Tears album) and stuff like that. I like the heavy chugga sound. It seams like my ring finger and pinky always hit the string and make alot of noise.
ohhhh, they should be nowhere near the strings, are you folding them in when you pick, or extending them away from the strings, they should definitely be extended it all times, better hand strength and you wont have that problem.
My fingers tend to curl under and hit the strings. If I try to keep them strait it is realy uncomfortable.
I also like resting my pinky on the pick guard. Is that a bad habbit?
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I also like resting my pinky on the pick guard. Is that a bad habbit?

Hey, yeah that's not so good... Your fingers should all rest on the strings, to mute the higher ones.

The best way to mute unintentional string noise is to learn what's called "Thumb Muting"

It will take a few weeks of consistent practice to really get down, but if you play on a regular basis (which it doesn't seem like you do), it will be totally worth it.

Let's just say that when you NEVER play with excess string noise, it will make you sound TOTALLY PRO (like Joe Satriani). Perhaps that will be enough incentive for you to a) start playing more and b) practice thumb muting!

Now, I could explain how to do this... OR I could link you to some very valuable resources that will explain it for me. I think I'll do the latter.

Here are 3 articles you should read.

1. How to Improve Your Guitar Technique and Play Clean Part 1
(search for this on the google since I can't post the link here)

2. How to Improve Your Guitar Technique and Play Clean Part 2 (Stop Unwanted Guitar String Noise and Sloppy Guitar Playing)

3. Picking Hand Discipline
(again, search for this on google - it should be the first link)
You can also get used to muting with your fretting hand. I got in this habit over a decade ago and now it's just second nature to do it. I don't even think about it to be honest. and I have next to nothing when it comes to excess noise. It might be frustrating to get used to, but it's well worth the practice.
If you have mistakes or some noise then you play something - play slowly.

Play some thing like this
I play my guitar every day for 2-3hrs at a time and I've been playing for about a year now. I got used to putting my that way without realizing that I was doing it.