So when I try to transition between chords (A5 to F5 for example) then the note of the first chord dies and I can't get a seamless transition. Obviously this creates an awkward gap between the chords, but when I listen to an audio file of the transition it's seamless. When I switch from A5 to F5 (I'll just keep using that as an example) I either slide my fingers (which is heard) or I either take my fingers off the fretboard too slowly and the note dies or I take my fingers off and that just results in a pull-off note. Is this a speed or a technique issue and how do I correct it?
How long have you been playing? I don't often play power chords, but when I do, they are smooth and transition with ease. You may just need more practice, if you're having problems with power chords.
Well in the case of A5 to F5, you could just play it as


How long have you been playing? as you get more comfortable, you'll get faster at making chord changes and you'll find ways to fill the gaps between chords too. I think this just comes in time
I know exactly what your frustration is! But, you're already way past the first hurdle of recognizing it and it just takes time. The more aware, the more you practice it.
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Been playing for about a week, so I figured it may have just been a matter of practice. Wasn't sure if it was bad practicing or if it's just a matter of more practicing though.