yeah, so i'm a metal bass player and i got myself an Acoustic guitar on Boxing Day. it's a Tradition Gypsy Jazz guitar - like Django Reinhardt plays and it's working great so far. i went busking today and ended up finding myself playing some heavy rocking riffs (kinda thrash/stoner rock sound) and singing along to it - improvising lyrics about the people around and the world around me. it was fun, and got me some money, but due to it being my first time and not having much experience with an acoustic, i was pretty limited in the few riffs/ideas i had going.

so basically, i want to continue busking with that sort of direction. i want to play rocking, groovy, sometimes heavy riffs that require metal chops (which i do have for bass at least). i know about chords, which chords correspond with which scales and such but not so much the functions of chords much past major=happy and minor=unhappy.

please, recommend me some songs/riffs to learn and whatever else you think might be helpful.
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