In class today, the teacher spent about 20 minutes talking to us about how we should always listen to our parents and nobody but our parents because if it weren't for them, we'd never exist. She also made the point about how much they're sacrificing for our sake.

Then one of the kids asked her "If we should only listen to our parents like you said, then we don't need to listen to you, then. Right?"

The teacher then laughed and was like "No, because if you don't listen to me I'll give you detention."

I was like WTF? Doesn't this qualify as blackmail? Such BS. Discuss.
omg drama!

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Adding 'discuss' to the end of a rant does not make this a viable topic.

Anyone else thinking of posting. Do us all a favour and don't.
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You're posting this from dentention room aren't you?
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I was like WTF? Doesn't this qualify as blackmail? Such BS. Discuss.

Are we answering with Y/N as per usual?
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should you always listen if these are your parents?
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