I play an Ibanez through a Line 6 Spider III (which I will be replacing soon as I don't like it, prob. gonna get a peavey). I started using a Boss Metalzone pedal to get more control over my distorted sound, as the Spider's insane channel sucks IMO. Using the pedal on the clean channel, I get nasty, constant feedback even with the volume knob on my guitar all the way down. I know it isn't the guitar, as I can play it on the amp's distorted channels without the feedback. Also, I brought the pedal to guitar center where one of the employees ran it through a different amp with all the knobs on the pedal all the way up, and he didn't get any feedback there. What gives? Thanks in advance
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The nicest way I can put this is that a Dirt pedal in front of a Modeling amp like this is a recipe for disaster. Specifically - a Boss MetalZone in front of a Spider amp. I know you don't want to hear this but sell both and start over.

I have a Peavey Vypyr 60 (power tubes) that I got at Guitar Center for $315. The other day, I did a demo clip of some various FX pedals running into it (in profile) and that included a MXR Zach Wylde OD pedal and it actually worked really well.

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Thanks, kinda figured that might be part of it and tbh ive grown increasingly frustrated w the spider. It was a good starter amp but in refining my sound im gonna upgrade when i can afford to.

Glad to be here. Cheers n happy new year to you