Finally went and picked up my Mesa Transatlantic TA-15. Had it on layaway for the past month, kind of a last minute X-Mas present to myself. I had to play with it a bit in the GC I got it at, cuz I don't have a speaker cab for it yet (that's next month - 4 more days ). It's a bit hard for me to describe the sound of this thing, and not having a speaker yet, I can't provide any clips. I can say this, it sounds sssccchwwweeeeeeet! It's going to replace my current practice amp which is a Marshall MG-10CD. So needless to say, a big step up for a practice amp. I tried it out when it was on display and fell in love with the sound. And that was with a relatively cheap guitar. With my Prestige, and just the right few pedals, it ought to make some killer sounds. OK, so here's for the pics anyway....

With the carrying case and necessary cables.

Front shot, trying to get a closeup of the switches.

Rear panel.

I'll add some pics of it powered up as soon as I get that cab next week.
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Cool amp for sure.


I really liked the tones I got out of it when I played it. It was through a 4x12 too. The middle of the panel is a little busy though I kept thinking a chicken head knob was going to get in a fight with a dip switch. That has to be the cleanest rear panel Mesa ever made though.

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Enjoy it mate. I've never had the pleasure to play one of those, enjoy it mate!
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Yeah, thanks everyone, got a good price on it too since it was used. The salesman that took it in the day before, said the guy only had it for 3 months (seems reasonable since they just started making them this year). I'm just going nuts to play with it though...I wonder if I can steal a speaker from my JSX?
how does the jsx connect to it's speakers? does it plug into the back of the chassis like a lot of amps?

if so a simple female/female 1/4 connector and you're golden.
I haven't looked inside the JSX to see how, I was actually going to do that today. Also looking at using the speaker out of my Marshall MG-10CD if it will work. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Muahahahahahaaaaaa The JSX uses a jack to hook the speakers up. Now I just need a speaker cable to go from the Mesa to the JSX speaker cable. Be right back... *looks in cable box looks at speaker jack on JSX more.... It reaches to top of amp, so new resting spot for Mesa will now be on top of JSX. Now I gotta find another excuse to not have to post sound clips.
OMFG SOUNDS FU@&EN AWESOME..... And all my cables reach easy so that's the new resting spot until I get a seperate speaker cab that is worthy of it. Now to spend all day tweaking the settings so I can sound like Kirk Hammett...

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just make sure you match up the ohms correctly

but yeah - this is a great excuse to post some clips and a some pics

Yeah, I'll get more pics later today as I play with it, and yeah, I checked the Impedance and matched it accordingly. As for clips, that would be kinda pointless, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer would sound silly on that amp.

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you need like 4 wah pedals for that.

congrats again, i bet it sounds great.

And yeah, sounds GREAT! I'm still playing with all the different sounds. WAH? Nah, just one, Dunlop KH95.

I really gotta work on learning something that would be good for clips really. So I can show off my uber gee-tar skillz....
just use a crappy smart phone and then upload it to youtube.

that way basically no matter how the clip sounds, if someone flames you, you have like 10 built in excuses to flame back with.

Errr uhhh, blaming lack of time right now...probably take me a few days to be honest... I got it set up and working with the JSX speakers, played a bit with it, tweaked the soundzzz.... and then it got dark and I went out and watched fireworks and drank Schnapps, I forget what happened after that.... I'll get some done in the next few days after I get my camera mount repaired.
They certainly are a nice looking amp aren't they?

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